About T.H.E. A.R.K.

Our Mission Statement

We are here to prepare a people to stand true to God during the investigative judgment. By helping others to develop a Christ-like character, through an education of healthy lifestyle and biblical principles.

The Hub of Eternal Advancement Restoration and Knowledge (T.H.E.A.R.K) is a self-supporting, mission-minded, inspired outpost center located in the beautiful mountains of North East Washington. We comprise of a Life-style center/ Sanitarium and Gospel-Medical Missionary training school.

God has blessed tremendously and given many opportunities to teach, preach, and restore health while leading others to a knowledge of our Savior Jesus and awaken a desire in them to learn the Gospel Medical Missionary work.

Our ultimate desire is to finish the work that Jesus left us to do, and that is to make known the character of God through acts of disinterested kindness and exemplifying a life of total obedience to God. We want to fulfill the same calling that Jesus spoke of in Luke 4:18,19. We long to see our Savior return and desire others to share in the joy of hasting His coming.

To accomplish this we are:

  • Training Gospel Medical Missionaries that will be fully equipped spiritually and practically to continue this God-given commission.
  • Leading souls to Jesus through the health evangelism where they can be restored physically, mentally, and spiritually.
  • Sharing the love of Christ through meeting the needs of our nearby community and abroad.

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